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I have been in the wig business since about May 2017 and before that I started in 2008 for a short while, but went back to my career as Executive Personal Assistant for a number of years.

I started selling wigs slowly und very infrequently and learned to source quality lace front wigs by buying myself and trying them out. Some were nice fibers, but I personally found them too bulky to be believable, so I always refined my search for the right density and weight. It was a very expensive exercise and I accumulated many wigs that I couldn't use as they were just not the quality you would expect. 

I built relationships with suppliers and made sure they were good suppliers who are reliable and deliver quality.

I sold some wigs on Trademe, a local New Zealand auction site, and these are the reviews I have received so far. It is my mission to make sure I sell beautiful wigs that are good quality and fun for you to wear.

To see my reviews, please click on this link.